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Notice of Privacy Practices and Disclosures
A Unique Understanding of Your Financial Needs

At Tax Plan For Wealth, Inc. (TP4W), we believe our ability to offer sound tax recommendations and advice depends on our
ability to know and understand the needs of each client. Our tax representatives play a key role in developing that
understanding. The client/representative relationship is the key component in TP4W commitment to you and unless
otherwise notified the information you share with your representative will be held and protected by the representative as well
as the firm, even if the representative leaves TP4W. As a firm we will use technology to manage, maintain and report timely
and accurate information about your strategic tax plan. We understand that confidentiality is key in any relationship involving
financial matters. We have always taken very seriously our responsibility to protect our client’s privacy by keeping information
secure and confidential. We are providing this notice in accordance with legislation, which requires that we make all clients
aware of our processes for collecting, using, disclosing and protecting information.

For Your Protection

We believe it’s important that you know one thing up front: TP4W does not sell any information about our clients to anyone.
We take steps to protect the personal information we do collect and maintain. Among our associates, access to personal
information is granted to individuals to provide engaged services to clients, or to serve another legitimate business need.
Information is also protected by physical, electronic and procedural measures. Safeguard measures are continually monitored
and upgraded.

Information Collection

To better understand your tax needs and make you aware of tax code changes and other services from TP4W that could help
you reach your goals, we do collect personal information from a variety of sources:

1. Information we receive from you via the application, surveys or other forms. This information could include but is not limited
to, your name, address, Social Security number and income.
2. Information about your experience with TP4W form your other invited advisors such as CPA or investment advisor.
3. Information about your transactions and account experience with non-affiliated third parties, such as providers of mutual
fund, annuities, insurance and other investments and services based on the information you provided to TP4W.
4. Information we may have collected from other nonaffiliated third parties, such as marketing research firms. This frequently
includes demographic information, as well as opinions regarding various financial topics.

Information Disclosure

We do not disclose any personal information about our customers or former customers to anyone, except as required or
permitted by law. We are occasionally required to provide information to consumer reporting agencies, to regulatory agencies
or to third parties in response to court orders. Also, it is often necessary to share customer information with other companies,
including our custodians that assist TP4W with a variety of business activities, including; account administration and customer
service, transaction processing, processing and delivery of accounts statements, research and analysis and delivery of
investments and services. For example, we may disclose certain information to a mutual fund company, insurance company
or transfer agent in order to complete a transaction you initiated. Additionally, to help the government fight the funding of
terrorism and money laundering activities, Federal law requires all financial institutions to obtain, verify, and record
information that identifies each person who opens an account. Clients can obtain a current copy of our privacy notice upon
request or by visiting our website

An Ongoing Commitment

Former customers can rest assured that we will continue to treat and safeguard their information as described by this privacy
notice. If you need clarification regarding this policy, or if you have any questions or concerns about your tax advisor or other
TP4W associate, please contact David Schlossberg, President of Tax Plan For Wealth, Inc. at (224)-401-0044.
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